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Lori Sandheinrich of Millstadt, Il

Want to share what a pleasure it has been meeting and working with Don and how thankful we are to be first time pet owners of a Vizsla from Elkview Kennels. We picked our Duke up at 7 weeks, he is 10 weeks old today and we couldnt love him more. He was potty trained in 3 days, has done amazing with crate training, sits upon command, fetches a ball, loves long walks in the park and is so loving and loyal. We visited Don to meet Dukes mom, Gabby when she was pregnant with her liter. From that day on Don would send weekly videos of Gabbys progress and then videos of the puppies weekly to update us on there growth. The compassion Don has for his dogs is evident. We couldnt be happier and more satisfied. We have recommended Elkview to a couple we met while walking Duke at the park as they were wanting a Vizsla. Thanks so much Don for giving us our Duke!

Posted on 04/30/2016

Larry Thompson of Lerna Il.

Just wanted to drop you a line about Lady Ivy. this Brittany dog is amazing!
Not only is she a family friend. At 16 weeks old she went on a 16 day pickup truck camping trip elk hunt in Montana and was a great travel companion with no accidents! She just wants to love and please us as much as we love her. She is also a amazing bird dog. We started hunting this little lady at 6.5 months old just to get her the feeling of being a big dog at the local bird farm in Neoga Il. We paid for 8 birds (pheasants)she pointed 7 first time out. We have taken her multiple times now that she just turned 9 months old. She only gets better with each time out without any training she is a natural in my mind. I have had many bird dogs in my 62 years and I have never seen anything like her. She points birds from some of the longest distances that we have ever seen! We literal have to go find the bird she is pointing. All my hunting buddies are jealous! You can tell the blood line was bred for hunting in mind. She is a calm, well natured, and intelligence Brittany dog. Don you have done an excellent job on breeding Lady Ivy and will recommend your kennel to all interested in a new family friend.

Posted on 04/03/2015

Brad & Marsha Peel of Decatur, IL

We picked up our male Brittany, Chief, when he was 7 weeks old. He is now 4 months old and we are very impressed with him. He has a great disposition, is extremely smart, learns quickly, and has learned how to get along with our 12 year old female Brittany. He is exceptionally good looking and as he grows, is developing an impressive physique. He is extremely birdy. His Vet is impressed with his health and conformation. It was a pleasure dealing with Don and we would definitely purchase another dog from him.

Posted on 11/10/2014

Jonathan & Shanna Springer of Anchorage, Alaska

We purchased our 8 week old American Brittany pup from Don last Friday. We have had her for 4 days thus far and have found Jada to be a perfect fit to our family.
The process with purchasing Jada from Don was a wonderful experience. Don was very informative, professional and motivated to help us achieve our goal in getting the kind of bird dog we wanted.
Believe or not Jada is already pointing at birds. We have chickens on our property and she has found them. She likes to point toward them. It is truly a neat thing to see.
I would like to add that we were a little concerned about her traveling to us and the length of the travel time from Illinois to Alaska, however Don assured us and informed us of a special transportation service for pets called Jet a Pet. We found Jet a Pet to be a fabulous and reputable service. Many puppies had arrived to Alaska on the same plane as Jada. Jada was clean, happy, fed, watered and ready for us to receive her when she arrived.
We could not be more happy with our experience in purchasing Jada from Don and we are now looking forward to getting another pup from Don. A male partner for Jada.
Thank you Don for the incredible experience!
~ The Alaskan Springer Family

Posted on 06/18/2014

Nina Warnick of South Jersey

We picked up our puppy today at the airport and he is beautiful. We are so happy to have added him to our family. Such a sweet pup with beautiful markings. Don was such a great help getting him to us quickly. He cares for his dogs and wants the best for them. We will keep in touch. Let the training begin. Thanks again Don for everything.

Posted on 06/22/2013

Dom & Michel of Hudson, NY

We received our 2 month old Brittany puppy two days ago, and couldnt be more thrilled!!

Phenomenal service:
Don was an absolute pleasure to deal with from the very first call, all the way to his most recent call to make sure everything went smoothly picking up the dog at the airport.

Impressive Dog:
Were blown away by the beauty and cleverness of our 2 month old pup. He showed no signs of fear or apprehensiveness at the first meeting. He instantly acclimated to a new house and surrounding. Within 5 minutes of playful training he was already pointing.

Don delivered exactly what we wanted: a beautiful dog with great hunting instincts, but with the perfect temperament to have his place in the house.

Thank you very much Don!!

Posted on 06/12/2013

Ashley and Andrew of Chicago, Il

This is our first puppy and the experience working with Don has been a pleasure. He was extremely consistent and available at any time. He then met us half way to get our Beautiful Brittany. She is a great smart,playful and obidient puppy and is doing well in Chicago!

Posted on 06/08/2013

Victoria & Daniel of New York, NY

HI Don!
Just wanted to send a long-overdue update and thanks to you!! Petra, the puppy we adopted this Spring (born at the end of January 2013 from Buck and Hanna) is doing fantastic, she is such a JOY and such a sweet-tempered puppy!!! We cannot make it down the street in our neighborhood because everyone has to stop and admire her. People have literally stopped their cars and backed up traffic to comment on how beautiful she is. Luckily she handles all of this attention in stride and loves the affection and compliments! Were still working on housebreaking but shes definitely getting the hang of it and is almost there. The other commands (sit, down, drop it, leave it) are coming along really well! I admire that shes able to stop her natural puppy enthusiasm and curiosity to sit or drop it when asked. Its great!
Just an additional note to others who are thinking of adopting from Elk View, Don was amazing from start to finish. I had a ton of questions and he helped me through the whole adoption process and was really patient and generous with his knowledge and experience at every step. The vets were really impressed with the care he gave with noting her shot schedule etc. He handled everything for her AKC registration, and options for getting Petra to the East coast! We chose to go with the Gun Dog Express which was great, Heather was really sweet. but I think Delta cargo would have been another fine option as well, I guess its just personal preference.
Anyway, Don -- just want to say thank you for bringing such joy into our lives. She is more than we ever hoped for in a puppy: beautiful, elegant-looking, well-tempered, curious, intelligent and loving. Shes got it all!
Thanks Don!!!
Victoria & Daniel

Posted on 05/26/2013

Brad Swenson of SLC, Utah

I wanted to write a quick review of my experience with Elk View Kennels. Ive gotten to know Don over the last year and a half. Weve stayed in touch regularly after he purchased my GSP stud, Buck for his Kennels breeding program.

Ive been so pleased with my interactions with Don and what Ive learned about his operation that I just had a pup out of Buck and Hanna shipped to me 3 weeks ago and couldnt be happier.

Living halfway across the country, getting my pup shipped was a concern, however Id have to describe the experience as easy and worry free. Don did the leg work to get the pup ready and he delivered it to Delta Cargo to fly it out to me. Right after the flight landed, the airline contacted me on the phone to follow up. When I picked my puppy up, everything looked very well taken care of, clean, and I had one excited, healthy puppy!

Over the last few weeks, Ive grown even more pleased with my decision to get a pup out of Elk View Kennels. My pup is already house broke and is settling right in as a member of the family and is showing all the signs that shell be a great hunting companion too. During our first training session using live birds, my pup was quartering naturally, showing a tremendous eagerness to hunt, retrieving live birds confidently and has a great stylish point just like her dad, Buck.

I whole-heartedly endorse Don and his kennel!

--Brad, SLC,UT.

Posted on 04/22/2013

Bruce Stolsworth of North Carolina

I purchased my first 2 bird dogs from Don in 1998. Was the best thing I ever did for my hunting pleasure. Since then I have bought pups and used Dons stud dogs to continue my passion for the outdoors. If you are looking for a very high quality dog you can not find a better breeder than Don. His regard for pedigree genetics and physical specs to the standard of his dogs are nothing short of great. Don is recognized by AKC by being a breeder of merit . I would highly recommend Elk View Kennels when looking for a puppy or Stud dog.

Posted on 04/22/2013

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